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The Big Power : It is the story of production of an environment friendly motor by a young engineer while he and his girl friend are pursuing their dreams and an old story.


It is the time to give back what we have already taken from the nature; a love and science fiction story of an environmentalist engineer.


The film is the first step for the realization of the "Project". We hope to be able to reach young children and grown ups by presenting a science fiction in which an alternative engine form takes place and may invoke a love and respect for the nature and an interest to look for alternative opportunities for the sustainability of the nature. This film with its innovative aspects may be a story of to morrow.

Big Power is the first part of a triplet film study; it consists of events experienced by a young engineer while he is pursuing to realize his project.

  The Big power tells about an innovative motor design. Our hero tries to solve the problems he faces and wants to learn the real story behind them. His story continues with his girl friend . They are after an innovative engine which has high power with comparatively very little energy. The engine ideas are entirely original belonging to the senarist Atilla Gosterisli.. The dream of producing a nature- friendly powerful engine will be considered in a realistic manner perhaps for the first time with scenes from our near future.

The film takes place in a dreamed city. Scenes will be shot from the cities of Europe. The main selection criteria is combining environment and man. City scenes are from environmentalist houses full of green as we always dream about.

The family history is a subject which worries Hayder a lot. While searching the family past he faces with scientific problems and he and his girl friend, all of a sudden, find themselves in an exciting adventure.

The Project becomes a reason that enables Hayder and his girl friend act together, and this cooperation allows a sound love start between them. The learned knowledge about his family history of Hayder danger gets closer to the couple. The persuation scenes of Hayder by some unknown people increases the tension of the story .


This film emphasizes that our positive beliefs and scientific dreams may guide our future. A trustable, realistic technical approach and various humanistic and adventurous scenes, emphasize on ecological facts may bring a difference to the ideas of the people while watching the film in excitement.


Sections from scenario


(Hayder collects his books and goes out of class. While he is going down the stairs, his classmate Sevben comes up to him.

-Hayder? What you meant while you were saying "it may be used physically"? This is a subject I think about it very often.

-Well, if this is true, while we use the particle impacts of grains productively, we almost never use their wave impacts or we do not know how to use them. In fact, the subject of using the wave impact has been made fallacy. It is thought that only astrologists, mystics and people with telepathic power know that impact.


I believe that the wave impact can be described and used more scientifically.

- It is very interesting. I would like to discuss that subject with you more detailed.

-Well, if you want, let's meet on Saturday. We can talk and do something.

-I will be very glad. Bye

- Ok. I will call you.



Outside in front of the school Day

Hayder, as soon as he turns the corner, jumps up in his happiness of success. He walks away , singing a song "quantum, quantum".

On the other side of corner, Sevben is feeling the same. She squeezes the things in her hand, moving them up and down and thinking that "at last, I will meet him"..

İnside the house of Hayder Day

Hayder calls out while he is entering in the house.


HAYSELİ (GD. Uzatarak)

-I'm upstairs.

-Mum, guess what happened?


- I will meet with Sevben tomorrow.


-Waaaaoow is it real? I'm very happy for you. How did it happen??

HAYDER throws itself on the couch and continues to talk.

-I love this quantum, mummy. She told me that she wanted to talk about the quantum. I talked to her about my ideas. We will meet tomorrow.



-Congratulations. Let's see.

Inside the room of Hayder Day

Hayder, changes his clothes , takes off his jumper and throws it towards the dirty cloth basket while crooning. When the jumper falls in the basket, spring under bottom part of the basket opens as the basket reaches to sufficient weight. Dirty clothes in the basket pass from a transparent pipe and fall in the dirty cloth basket in one-down position.







Inside the house of Hayder Day

Hayder, who wears a sports sweatshirt from its opposite side, takes a few cookies on the kitchen bench while he is going to his study at the backyard of the house.

Outside backyard of the house Day


While he is walking on the backyard , getting bites from his cookies, he gives a kick to the ball on lawns. The ball crashes on the big wind rose made by Hayder to supply wind energy on the top of his workshop hut. While the wind rose begins to overthrown slowly with the effect of crash, Hayder runs and tries to prevent what will happen. The overthrown wind rose raise up the mechanism it is connected inside with a pipe. While the wind rose is coming down from the roof, the mechanism raises towards to ceiling of room together with its connections. This time, Hayder rushes out to stop the wind rose. He enters in again when he hears the noise of water spurting out of the pipe. When Hayder turns off the vane of water, the wind rose is freed from its connection and falls down in front of the door with great noise. Hayder attempts to go out in panic. However, he recognizes that the mechanism raised towards to the ceiling before is moving towards to the floor when the wind rose has fallen down.




To slow down the falling, he pushes the table under the mechanism. Meanwhile, the pipe joining the roof is freed from the roof and the mechanism falls down and the table is broken. Hayder who becomes completely unsuccessful, crouches on the floor in front of the door of his workshop. A last pipe piece drops on metal body of the wind rose from the roof and rolls towards to Hayder and stops. Hayder is exhausted as his energy production project he has carried out for months comes to an end in this manner. He hits the pipe piece in his hand on the metallic door to free from his hopeless mode. As the pipe piece hits on the door, it tingles .Hayder repeats that action and the noise takes his attention. With a firmer hit, he obtains clearer tingling. The pipe piece in his palm both tingles and vibrates. This takes attention of Hayder. Metal on which strange signs exist is not an ordinary pipe.



-I think I'm from the space. Perhaps from another world.

-Hımm, is this thought related to the metal you have found?

( Hayder talks about what has happened with excitement. Sevben hugs Hayder. She opens his mouth and looks at his teeth. She controls his whole body from underneath of his shirt and paths. They joke with each other .Hayder runs away and Sevben chases




( In the close shot, Hayder and Sevben lie on grasses. They both look at the sky. We see them from profile. )

-Yes, I think I look like a human being . Perhaps, I was sent from another side of the world. But, how we can explain that strange metal, motor and everything outside of me that is not made by human beings.

- It is very difficult to understand how you got into that vehicle and you do not like a human being even though I could not test you completely.

They laugh at each other.

-I will give you an opportunity for that test.

- I wonder how can I make a baby from you? What if it becomes a six-armed being.

-We can not know unless we try……